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"Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise."


  Do you believe in prophecy? Scientists tell us that it's impossible for man to see into the future, but a careful examination of history will quickly prove them wrong. Only the truth can set you free, and if you want to learn the truth behind the many lies currently being distributed in the public media, and also taught in our schools, you can simply click through the links below to expose some of the many deceptions being falsely presented as truth to a gullible American public:



Were we warned about the NYC attacks?


The "Spectacular" attack

Will Climate Change doom mankind?

Jeane Dixon's U.S. President prophecies

Should America convert to Metric?

How did Coronavirus start?

Were NAFTA and the WTO a good idea?

A Separation of Church and State?

The Socialist plan for America

The Garabandal Prophecy

Prince William

Curing Cancer

How did Polio begin?

What caused Lyme Disease?

Where did West Nile Virus come from?

What caused Chronic Wasting Disease?

What causes Alzheimer's?

Is Francis I our Last Pope?

Will Rome be attacked?

Was Jesus Jewish?



Predictions that came true

The Kennedy/Lincoln connections

The Planets

The immortal Reeves

Evolution or Creation?

The Year with no Summer

How Christmas won the war

"Our Lady" of Fatima

The Great Pyramid

British Israelism

The Great Disappointment


Did Mother Shipton predict ISIS?

Rhymes and Reasons

The Awful Truth

Things that aren't true



Was he a prophet or fraud?





Louis Pasteur

General Franco


Who predicted Global Warming first?

Philip II

The King of Terror

The May 11th earthquake



The Last Days

Revelation Chapter 13

The 1st Antichrist

The 2nd Antichrist


Did the Exodus happen?

Noah's Flood

The Daniel Prophecies

Daniel Chapter 2

Daniel Chapter 7

Daniel Chapter 8

The Stone of Destiny

The End of Time



In 2024 (posted 3/15/2024):
Astrologers say this will be a year of revolutionary change.

In 2023 (posted 1/1/2023):
Forget Russia, N.K., and China! Watch out for Islamic terrorists!

In 2022 (posted on 1/1/2022):
Is the world prepared for an upcoming shortage of money and food?

In 2021 (posted on 2/13/2021):
Will the Catholic Church continue to ignore its own prophecies?

In 2020 (posted on 1/15/2020):
Can a Schiff convince American capitalists to create a "socialist" U.S.A?

In 2019 (posted on 1/01/2019):
Doctors still don't know what animal hosted the Polio (AFM) virus.

In 2018 (posted on 1/27/2018):
WWIII is not U.S./NATO vs. Russia, but instead is U.S./Russia/NATO vs. ISIS.

In 2017 (posted on 5/17/2017):
Are St. Malachy, Fatima, and Nostradamus all describing Rome's ruin?

In 2016 (posted on 4/1/2016):
Will pope Francis lose his temper, and insult Muslims?

In 2015 (posted on 3/11/2015):
It's for your own good, Big Brother's wristband was designed to help you!

In 2014 (posted on 2/12/2014):
A house of glass shall come to pass, in England, but alas, alas...

In 2013 (posted on 2/11/2013):
Prepare the path for papa Pedro!

In 2012 (posted on 12/12/2012):
Are we restoring the Ottoman empire by removing it's dictators (WWIII)?

In 2011 (posted on 1/1/2011):
Will government by corporations eventually lead us to Soylent Green?

In 2010 (posted on 9/1/2010):
Do you know that the next pope (Peter) will be the LAST POPE of the Roman Catholic Church?

In 2009 (posted on 6/1/2009):
Is the world going to end in 2012? NO! (Hint: Nostradamus prophecies run from 1555-2055 A.D.!)

In 2008 (posted on 1/1/2008):
Has the 10th planet of our solar system, Vulcan, already been discovered (Last Days)?

In 2007 (posted on 12/1/2007):
Do you know that Global Warming caused the world's oceans to rise almost 10 ft. after 1000 AD?

In 2006 (posted on 9/1/2006):
Are you prepared for the upcoming worldwide economic depression?


All the above predictions were posted BEFORE the events occurred.


  In a world where God's rules are obeyed, there are no wars, diseases, or natural disasters to plague society. The holy scriptures tell us that man does not strive with God, and over time human society has drifted far away from God's laws. We are now entering the Days of Vengeance, and already many judgements are falling upon men, nations, and even churches for their continued offenses against God. The clock is ticking and the harvest is fast approaching. Everyone will have to choose the path they will follow. The wicked will choose the path that leads to death and destruction, while the wise will choose the path that leads to Eternal Life. Click on one of the secure book links on this webpage and learn the truth about the many clever deceptions now being promoted in the media and taught in our schools:


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