The Real Cause of Global Warming


The Real Cause
of Global Warming

Why is it called Greenland?

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    Are carbon emissions causing our planet to warm up? Sorry, but the record of history says no. If you check back in world history you will find that 1000 years ago the world climate was much warmer than it is today. In 1000 A.D. when the Vikings discovered a large island in the North Atlantic, they named it Greenland because it was covered with "green" grasslands that allowed them to graze the cattle they had brought with them. History also records the fact that Earth has experienced many extreme temperature cycles over it's long history, and that during the last Ice Age a layer of ice more than two miles deep covered most of North America.

   Geological history records three types of "Ice Ages" that occur on a regular schedule. Our most recent Ice Ages occurred on a 120,000 year schedule, with each Ice Age followed by 10 smaller 12,000-year "Interglaciation Ages." These lesser Interglaciation Ages in turn, each contained 10 smaller 1200-year "Little Ice Ages." The last Little Ice Age occurred around the year 1600 A.D. and restored our planet's polar ice caps. It also lowered global sea levels and buried Antarctica under a mile deep layer of ice and snow, effectively removing it from history. The Little Ice Age caused the Viking settlements on Greenland to be abandoned as the island turned back into the "whiteland" we know it as today.

   Prior to the year 1600 A.D., Earth underwent a 1200 year long period of global warming. From the Little Ice Age of 400 A.D. until the next Little Ice Age in 1600 A.D. our planet experienced a gradual warm up. As global sea levels began to rise, Dutch farmers in Holland were forced to build earthen dikes around their delta farmland to keep salt water from ruining their crops. Dutch engineers used windmills to pump the annual springtime floodwaters up over the dikes and into the sea. But as the sea continued to rise in the next few centuries it would eventually require more than 10,000 windmills to perform this annual task. Historical records also show that Antarctica was once free of ice. Archeologists have uncovered numerous Asian sailing maps drawn up prior to the 1600 Little Ice Age that show Antarctica's shores without any ice. And a world map drawn by Oronteus Finaeus in 1531, illustrates the ice free continent of Antarctica correctly oriented toward South America nearly three hundred years before its modern discovery in 1820. Climate Change advocates have been trying to discredit the Oronteus Finaeus map for decades, but were not able to successfully dispute all the facts that support it.

   The Little Ice Age of 1600 A.D. caused the world's oceans to recede and the 10,000 windmills of Holland to become useless relics. The windmills of Holland were soon torn down or turned to other uses. There are only about 1,000 windmills that still remain today in Holland, and they serve mainly as tourist attractions.

   We are now in an interim period when our planet is slowly warming back up again. The issue of Global Warming first arose when scientists monitoring Earth's surface temperatures noted a gradual increase in those temperatures accompanied by a gradual rise in carbon levels in Earth's atmosphere. Scientists quickly decided that the rising carbon levels were causing an increase in temperatures on our planet. It apparently didn't occur to anyone that the exact opposite might be true and that the rise in temperature might be the true cause of Earth's rising carbon levels. Ice core samples taken from Earth's polar ice caps have now proven that carbon levels during the warmth of the Jurassic Period were more than four times higher than today's carbon levels, providing even more evidence that man-made carbon emissions are not the true cause of Climate Change. Temperature cycles on Earth are controlled by the cycles of the Sun, from the 120,000 year Ice Ages down to the 12 year (not 11 year) Sunspot Cycle, it is the Sun that actually controls our weather.


DECEPTION: High Carbon levels cause Global Warming.

THE TRUTH: Global Warming causes High Carbon levels.


   It will be another two centuries before Earth will reach the same temperature point it held in 1000 A.D., and an additional five centuries before Earth reaches its maximum temperature. By that time global sea levels will be 10 to 20 feet higher than they are today. It is a fact that man has actually had very little effect upon the process of Global Warming, except for the higher temperature of river water flowing into the sea, that is now as much as 20 degrees higher than in the past due to the destruction of rainforests, and electric plants located on our major rivers.

   That's right, you were deceived. And the people who deceived you are profiting quite handsomely from the lies they told you. The Hebrew prophet Michel de Nostredame lived at the height of the last period of Global Warming and told us that it would occur once again in the future. If you want to learn the truth, you'll have to consult the prophets, who are the only reliable source for truth. Click on one of the secure book links on this webpage to order your book by Edward Oliver, and begin your journey into a greater understanding of the workings of God's natural world.








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