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Saddam Hussein's
"Big Surprise"
for America

Warnings Ignored?

   As part of his post 9/11 announced "War on Terror," President Bush tried to gain support from the U.N. for a 2003 attack on Iraq. But why attack Iraq when none of the 9/11 terrorists were from Iraq? President Bush stated "weapons of mass destruction" were his reason for invading Iraq and also mentioned that Saddam Hussein had once threatened to kill his dad. But were these the actual reasons for this U.S. invasion of Iraq?

   In the months preceeding the 9/11 attack, Saddam Hussein began making public speeches attacking America. A journalist was recording one these speeches when Saddam suddenly announced that he had a BIG SURPRISE in store for Americans. The news journalist then made sure Saddam's threat was broadcast on the national news all over the U.S. that same evening. Saddam's exact words were, "and we have a BIG SURPRISE in store for our American friends." Unfortunately, no one in America paid much attention to Saddam's threat since he had just been so soundly defeated in the recent Gulf War.

   Saddam's warning was completely ignored in America. Americans weren't aware that after the Kuwait conflict, the U.N. had placed severe sanctions upon Iraq, and Saddam immediately reacted by installing anti-aircraft missile batteries in Iraq, in defiance of the sanctions. In February of 2001, American and British jets attacked those missile installations, infuriating Saddam. On July 19th, 2001, Saddam announced he was about to exact revenge upon the U.S. for the February attack. This threat also was totally ignored by the Bush Administration. On 9/11/2001 Arab terrorists attacked and destroyed both World Trade Center towers in New York City, in what would prove to be the biggest SURPRISE for America since the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. When White House officials met to review all the events that preceded the 9/11/2001 attack, they quickly discovered that both of Saddam's warnings had been ignored. The Bush security team then decided that America would invade Iraq and capture Saddam Hussein. So based on the false accusation that Iraq was in possession of "weapons of mass destruction," President Bush ordered an invasion of Iraq to take place in March of 2003.

   Since 2003, nearly half a million people have died in Iraq, as the conflict continues to grow. Suddam Hussein was identified as the third antichrist, "mabus" ("mabus" is the mirror image of "sudam") by Nostradamus. As an antichrist, Saddam Hussein was able to successfully accomplish his Bible destiny of initiating WWIII. Unfortunately most Americans still believe the Russians will be our enemies in WWIII. The Hebrew prophets told us that WWIII will actually be a religious war, with the forces of Christianity in a conflict against the forces of Islam (Islamic State). WWIII will be a war involving Russia, the U.S., and NATO fighting together against the armies of Islam. If you'd like to learn more about all the embarassing mistakes that were made prior to the 9/11/2001 attack on the U.S., simply click on the secure link below to order a copy of Edward Oliver's book "Eye of Providence."






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