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   Did Nostradamus warn us that Rome would be attacked? While the Internet has been buzzing recently about the infamous St. Malachy prophecy that predicts the imminent destruction of Rome and its papacy, most people are unaware that a Nostradamus prophecy also predicted ruin for Rome. This Nostradamus prophecy described an inflammatory statement made by the Vatican against it's enemies that would result in a retaliatory attack upon the holy city of Rome. Nostradamus Quatrain #10-65 is listed below and includes the original Old French verses and a link to an Old French dictionary in case you want to look up the Old French word meanings:



   Whereas vast Rome, thy ruin approaches,

   Ou vaste Romme, ta ruyne s'approche,

   Not of thy walls, but of thy blood and substance,

   Non de tes murs, de ton sang substance,

   The bite of thine utterings will be such a horrible snip,

   L'aspre par lettres fera si horrible coche,

   The point of the blade thrust all the way to the handle.

   Fer poincte mis a tous jusques au manche.




   Quatrain #10-65: In this quatrain Nostradamus describes the ruination of Rome as a result of inflammatory remarks made by the pope about Rome's enemies. Those offended by the pope's sharp remarks will seek revenge by attacking the holy city.


   In addition to the Nostradamus prophecy above, there are three more prophecies stored in the Vatican library that also predict the destruction of Rome. The St. Malachy prophecy of 1143 says Rome's destruction will occur under the reign of pope Francis I. The Fatima prophecy of 1917, received by three young children in Fatima, Portugal describes soldiers marching the pope through the ruins of Rome and then executing him. Another prophecy received by four young girls in the small town of Garabandal, Spain in 1960 and 1965 warned that many cardinals, many bishops, and many priests were following the path to perdition, and were taking many other souls along with them (the sex abuse scandal within the Catholic Church that began in the 1960s) and that the church may suffer a future "chastisement" for these sins.




"The Church may suffer the future
"wrath of God" because many
cardinals, many bishops and
many priests are following the
path to perdition and are taking
many other souls along with

               The Angel of Garabandal


   It is truly incredible that the U.S. government would be aiding in the resurrection of the ancient Ottoman empire, but American efforts to remove Middle East dictators in an attempt to establish new democracies, actually resulted in a political void that was quickly filled by religious fundamentalists dedicated to the destruction of Christianity. Westerners simply fail to understand that Middle Eastern cultures are based on religion, not government. The ancient enemies of the Catholic Church have now been resurrected to once again pursue their religious war against Christianity and its base in Rome.

   Every day it seems that someone new is attacking the Catholic Church. Its own parishoners are angry about the abuse of hundreds of thousands of children by priests, bishops and cardinals who abused, or covered up the abuse, of young children for over five decades beginning in the early 1960s. The recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia has placed the Catholic Church in opposition to members of the Orthodox Church of Russia who fully support Vladimir Putin's attacks on the "national socialists," or "NAZI" leaders of Ukraine. The Catholic Church was also recently held responsible for the abuse of indigenous children in boarding schools in Canada funded by the Catholic Church and operated by Catholic priests. And of course there are also the millions of Catholics in the U.S. demanding changes such as women in the priesthood and legalized abortion.

   The Jewish prophets of the Bible say they speak with God's voice, and for thousands of years men have always followed the word of the Bible prophets. So is it possible that Nostradamus is actually one of these prophets who have been visiting us every 500 years to warn about future events? Many Americans have recently rejected their "religiously correct" past in favor of a more "politically correct" future, and according to the prophets will soon be suffering numerous "natural" disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods as the forces of nature rage totally out of control, causing untold human suffering all around the globe. And as the suffering from this zoonotic Covid-19 plague slowly fades, an even darker future of drought and famine approaches.

   So if you want to read the true story of all the great events that God used to shape the destiny of man throughout history, and explore the "narrow way" that leads to Eternal Life, click on one of the secure links on this website and order your book by Edward Oliver to learn the truth about the Flood, the Exodus, the birth of the Messiah, the Holy Roman Empire, the Reformation, the Antichrist, the Pilgrims landing, the American Revolution, the Hiroshima bombing, the 9/11 attack, and many other events yet to come.







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