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   The infamous British Israelite Theory has been maligned by many liberal historians throughout history but has survived into modern times. The theory traces the history of the English-speaking people through their Masonic ancestors who built nearly all the great stone monuments of history, including the Great Pyramid, Soloman's Temple in Jerusalem, and all the massive Cathedrals in Europe.

   The British Israelite Theory traces the route of the blessing bestowed upon Abraham by God, as it was passed from father to son along the bloodline that ends with the tribe of the English-speaking people (Joseph) and his sons Manasseh (England) and Ephraim (the United States).

   The Bible accurately tracks the blessing of Abraham down to Isaac, then to Jacob, to Joseph, and finally to his youngest son Ephraim. Jacob was called "Israel" (the one cherished by God) and his twelve children formed the original twelve tribes of Israel. The twelve tribes were split into two nations, with the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin forming the nation of Judah, and the ten remaining tribes forming the northern nation of Israel.



"IS" the One(s) "RA" Blessed "EL" by God


   Both nations would eventually offend God and be taken into captivity by the Ishmaelites. When Persia conquered the Babylonians, the emperor Cyrus allowed Judah and Benjamin to return to Jerusalem and rebuild their temple that God destroyed because they had turned from the worship of God to the worship of wealth. The remaining tribes, known as "The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel," eventually wandered northward into Europe and Asia, and ultimately disappeared from world history.

   But it was the whereabouts of the blessed tribe of Joseph that was key to following the people who carried God's blessing. Where did God's blessed people end up in history, and what about God's son? Was he involved with the destiny of the tribe of Joseph? Well it turns out that Jesus disappears in history from his teens until the Bible identifies him at the age of 30 in Judea. But where was Jesus for all those lost years? The British Israelite Theory says that Jesus sailed on the ship of his mother's uncle Joseph of Arimathea who owned a fleet of ships that sailed the global seas. This gave Jesus the opportunity to visit the many seaports of that time. Jesus got to visit the Library of Alexandria Egypt that held all the knowledge gathered by the Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans up to that time. The Library at Alexandria however, would later be destroyed in a great fire.

   The ships of Joseph of Arimathea actually traveled to Britain as well since the Romans had recently banned the mining of tin in Italy, and the British mines offered the next best source of tin needed to manufacture the bronze used for weapons. It is rumored that Jesus may have visited southwest Britain and established the Church at Glastonbury. If the British people are descended from the tribe of Joseph, they may represent the biblical tribe of Manasseh (Joseph's eldest son) and the U.S. may be the tribe of Ephraim (Joseph's younger son). When the Pilgrims first landed in America, it was their belief that they had finally arrived in the "New Israel" for God's people. A parable told to the Jews by Jesus just before they had him crucified, warned that when they killed the "son of the Lord of the vineyard," the "kingdom of God" would be taken from them and given to a fruitful nation, and Ephraim (the U.S.) means "fruitful."








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