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Government by Corporations

   We all know that money rules the world, and unfortunately also rules U.S. government. American corporate leaders did not want to pay American workers $11 an hour when they could pay foreign labor only $1 per hour, and so President Clinton travelled to Brussels, Belgium to join America with the WTO, to initiate a global trade situation that would allow American jobs to be sent overseas. Then in 1994 President Clinton also signed on to the NAFTA agreement and Ross Perot's "giant sucking sound" was heard as America's jobs were sucked over its southern border to Mexico where cheap labor could now be used support the rich American lifestyle. Americans now became the new "plantation masters" of a giant unseen force of slave laborers in foreign nations.

   Millions of jobs were sent to Mexico and China, as many of the world's largest corporations had ultimately succeeded in gaining unprecedented influence in U.S. government. Many prominent U.S. politicians were now exiting their powerful government positions to become highly paid lobbyists serving in the same corporations they had befriended while they were in office. America's corporate leaders were now using U.S. politicians to do their bidding.

   For America's corporate leaders, the God of the Hebrews had now been replaced by the god of finance. It was cheaper to launch satellites from a launchpad in China and so U.S. technology was quickly sent overseas. It was not long before the Chinese not only possessed nuclear warheads, but also possessed the advanced missiles they would need to launch them. Chinese jets and aircraft carriers would soon be challenging the U.S. on the high seas, as the communists made good use of American technology instead of Russian technology to challenge the world's two great superpowers. American corporate executives had undermined America's security in the name of greed. On 1-12-2011 this website recorded the fact that Bill Clinton's WTO and NAFTA negotiations had finally resulted in the fulfillment of Ross Perot's "giant sucking sound" prediction of 1992.

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