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Revelation Chapter 13

   Who are the 2 beasts (antichrists) of Revelation Chapter 13?  In order to understand the correct meaning of this prophecy, it will be neccessary to follow the instructions of the Hebrew prophets.  All Bible prophecy can be verified by simply referencing other locations within the Bible.  The ancient prophets were careful to record their information in more than one location within the Holy Scriptures to protect the information from ever being altered.

   The first thing you will notice when you read Revelation Chapter 13, is that it actually describes the coming of two beasts, or antichrists.  If you wish to determine the identity of these two antichrists, you'll have to examine some earlier Bible prophecies such as the prophecies of Daniel, to gather additional info about the identity of these two antechrists.  The Bible prophets knew about the future arrival of these two coming antichrists who were destined to bring much death and destruction to the world.

   If you'd like to learn the true identity of the first beast (antichrist) who rises out of the sea and has seven heads and ten horns, and also reveal the identity of the second beast who rises out of the earth and has two heads and two horns, you will have to first know what the words "head" and "horn" stand for in Bible prophecy, and you can only learn that by studying the earlier works of the Hebrew prophets.  Click on the link below to begin examining ancient Bible prophecy.   If you'd like know more about how the ancient Hebrew prophets might still be describing modern-day events, click the link below and order your book by Edward Oliver.




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