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The Miracle Wristband

   Remember when you were in that hospital bed a few years ago and were hooked up to all those tubes and cords so the nurses could quickly respond if your condition worsened?  All those tubes and wires certainly created a big problem when you had to visit the bathroom!  And I'm sure you remember having to leave your elderly parent alone in the house when you headed for work in the morning.  What a guilt trip!  Well all those problems will now soon become a thing of the past.  You should know that your government and your employer have been hard at work researching better ways to watch over your personal wellness.

   You may not know it yet, but you'll soon be benefitting from a true miracle of modern science.  Scientists have now managed to greatly improve the capabilities of that wristwatch you've been wearing for so many years.  Modern science has produced a new wristwatch that not only displays the time, but can also monitor such things as your vital signs and your exact location, and broadcast that information to a central monitoring station that can constantly monitor your status 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

   Just think of the all the valuable insurance savings you and your employer will reap from using this device.  In times past men had to pray to God to watch over them in their daily activities, but now we've been blessed with this miracle of modern technology that can constantly monitor us not only when we are in the hospital, but also when we are at home, at work, and even while we are sleeping.

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