Nostradamus July 1999


The July 1999
King of Terror Prophecy

The prophecy everyone missed!


   It was the most frightening prophecy of the 20th century, and everyone in the world was trying to figure it out. The prophet Nostradamus had actually given a date for this prophecy to occur. The date was July, 1999 and the prophecy actually did come true, but everybody simply "missed" it. The (Y2k) 2000 Millennium was coming, and everyone feared the world was going to end on December 31, 1999. It was feared that an antichrist from Mongolia was going to invade Jerusalem and set off WWIII. The prophecy was unique because Nostradamus had given the date for the event to occur, and everyone was trying to figure out exactly what was going to happen on that date. Many "experts" appeared who offered many differing opinions on what the prophecy meant, but they were all wrong. The infamous July, 1999 prophecy is listed below, and for those who want to look up the Old French word meanings, a link to an Old French Dictionary has also been provided:


    PROPHECY #10-72 (corrected translation)

In the year one thousand nine hundred ninety nine, seventh month,

L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf, sept mois,

From the sky will come a great Leader of frightening power

Du ciel viendra un grand Roi de-ffrayeur

To resurrect (on a throne) the great King of the Angol-people:

Resusiter le grand Roy d'Angol-mois:

Before and after, war reigns for a righteous-cause.

Avant apres, Mars regner par bon-heur.




   When the month of July, 1999 finally passed without the appearance of a Mongolian antichrist, all the so-called prophecy "experts" blamed Nostradamus for their errors. No one was able to translate the Old French word "Angolmois," or explain who the "grand Roi deffrayeur" was. A search of the world's languages will reveal only one word with the exact spelling "A-N-G-O-L." That exact spelling only exists in the word ANGOLA, which in the 16th century was one of only two Portugese trading colonies located on the West coast of Africa. Also, when the phrase "grand Roi deffrayeur" is translated, it produces "great Leader of frightening power."

   As it turns out, Quatrain #10-72 was actually predicting that in July, 1999 a world leader possessing a frightening amount of power would arrive from the sky into a former Portugese African kingdom to witness the resurrection of an African king upon his native throne, and believe it or not in July 1999 the most powerful leader in the world actually did arrive out of the sky into a former Portugese African colony to witness the coronation of an African king on his native throne, exactly as Nostradamus described in this famous quatrain, over 400 years before it occurred. That same leader then flew off to Sarajevo to review the aftermath of a recent war that had been fought for the "righteous-cause" of preventing a genocide.

   It turned out that this Nostradamus prophecy was NOT a warning about a frightening future event. It was instead intended as a challenge by Nostradamus to the greatest minds of the 20th century, to see if anyone would be intelligent enough to figure out the prophecy before it happened. Edward Oliver successfully translated the prophecy in May of 1999 and thus knew about the event over two months before the participants in this event knew they were going to make this trip. So if you want to learn more about this Nostradamus prophecy that shook up the world just prior to the arrival of the year 2000 Millennium, just click one of the secure book links on this webpage to order your copy of Edward Oliver's book, "Prophets and Frauds."