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    Believe it or not, Nostradamus actually did predict the coming of Adolf Hitler. Nostradamus often played word games with the names of famous people to protect himself from persecution by the Roman Church. The word Hister is a clever combination of the two words, "Hitler" and "Ister," thus providing Hitler's name and place of birth. Ister is the Latin name for the Danube River. Many people think that Hitler was the second antichrist of Revelation 13. The three quatrains below are the only quatrains that contain the word "Hister," although there are numerous quatrains that refer to key events during Hitler's deadly reign. A link is also included to an Old French dictionary for those who want to check out the Old French word meanings.



   Wildmen, ferocious with anger, crossover rivers.

   Bestes farouches de faim fleuves tranner.

   The greater part of the battlefield will be against Hitler;

   Plus part du champ encontre Hister sera;

   In armor of steel the great (army) will make the assault,

   En caige de fer le grande fera treisner,

   When the child of Germany shall heed no one.

   Quand rien enfant de Germain observera.




   Quatrain #2-24: This prophecy contains Nostradamus' famous wordplay on the name of Adolf Hitler. Nostradamus combines "Hitler" with "Ister" thus giving Hitler's name, and place of origin (Ister was the Latin name for the Danube). When Allied soldiers thoroughly fed up with the war, finally cross the rivers Oder and Elbe and invade Berlin, Hitler, like an angry child, refuses to heed the advice of his generals to surrender.




   In a place very close, not far from Venice,

   En lieu bien proche, non esloigne de Venus,

   The two (agree to) expand into Asia & Africa

   Les deux plus grans de Asia & Afrique

   From the Rhine & Hitler will wrongly speak for Venice;

   Du Rhin & Hister qu'on dira sont Venus;

   Cries, tears, at Malta & the coast of Liguria.

   Cris, pleurs, a Malta & coste Ligustique.




   Nostradamus tells us about a secret meeting held at the Brenner Pass, near Venice, between Adolph Hitler and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, on March 18, 1940 to discuss Italy's formal entry into WWII. At this meeting, the two agree that Italy will declare war on Britain and France, and that Italy will begin an African campaign. Adolf Hitler will then sign the Tripartite Treaty with Japan, expanding the war into Asia. On June 10, 1940, the Italians declare war on England and France, and Italian troops begin their attacks on Malta and the Ligurian coast of France.




   Freedom shall not be recovered,

   La Liberte ne sera recouvree,

   They will be occupied by a dark, fierce, iniquitous villain;

   L'occupera noir fier vilain inique;

   When the edicts of the pontiff will be overruled

   Quand la matiere du pont sera ouvree

   By Hitler, and the Kingdom of Italy is a fascist republic.

   D'Hister, Venise faschee la republique.




   Quatrain #5-29: This is another example of a Nostradamus word play on the name of Adolph Hitler.  Nostradamus combines the two words, "Hitler" and "Ister", providing us with both Hitler's name and place of origin (Ister was the Latin name for the Danube).  Hitler and Mussolini will agree to turn Italy into a Facist Republic, thereby nullifying the power of the Pope.


   Hitler is thought by many to be the second of two antichrists (Rev. 13) coming to bring much death and destruction to the world. As a false messiah, he had two horns like a lamb, and promised to lead his promised Aryan people into a thousand years of peace (the 1000-year Reich). Modern scientists are unable to explain how Nostradamus was able to accomplish this amazing feat of prophecy, four centuries before it actually occurred.

   If you would like to read about other Hitler quatrains, and discover how we know that Adolf Hitler is actually the second beast of Revelation Chapter 13, click on the secure link below to order your copy of Edward Oliver's book, "Prophets and Frauds."


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