CWD CJD Mad Cow Disease


CWD Chronic Wasting (Mad Cow) Disease

Created by an idiot with a college degree.


   This disease has been around for hundreds of years and has gone by many names. It first appeared in the 1700s as "scrapie." Since that time it's also developed many other names, like Mad Cow Disease, Cannibal Disease, TSE, CJD, BSE, Zombie Deer Disease, and probably will continue to spread through human ignorance. CWD was due to human ignorance, like the Bubonic Plague epidemic of 1333 A.D. that wiped out one quarter of the world's population. The infamous Black plague ravaged most European cities due to unsanitary conditions in those cities that produced an overpopulation of rats causing nature to send a plague upon the rat populations to reduce their numbers. In this modern world, we certainly don't have to fear that a similar event will ever occur again, or do we?

   Most modern disease epidemics have been the result of mankind failing to observe changing conditions in the natural world, causing the mechanism of disease to be activated to correct the situation. But it wasn't a lack of sanitation that was responsible for Chronic Wasting (also Mad Cow) Disease. This strange new disease came into existence for an entirely different reason. It was created through ignorance and greed, and deliberate human interference in natural law.

   No doubt it was the dream of some hardworking mother who more than likely spent 20 years slaving away scrubbing bathrooms in some office building, so she'd be able to send her son off to college to earn his college degree to support her in her old age. Her child did eventually earn his college degree, and obtained employment in the business world, where he would work to improve the efficiency of operations in that business, and earn a long awaited promotion and raise in pay.

   But unknown to the boss that provided that promotion and raise in pay, a deadly mistake had crept into the operations of the commercial animal feed business in which they all worked. A new and deadly disease that would affect the entire world had just been born due to a blatant disregard for God's natural law. If you'd like to know the true origins of the deadly disease now known as Mad Cow (also BSE, CJD, TSE, CWD, and Zombie) disease and learn how modern hunters may be unknowingly spreading CWD to wild deer, simply click one of the secure book links on this webpage to order your book by Edward Oliver.