Nostradamus Drought and Famine

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Nostradamus on
Drought and Famine


The True Cause of Global Warming


   Is Nostradamus one of the 500-year Hebrew prophets sent by God to warn us about future events? In the two quatrains below Nostradamus warns us of an approaching period of Global Warming accompanied by drought and famine. Scientists are apparently unaware that our planet has followed a 1200-year pattern of warming and cooling for thousands of years. History records the fact that 1000 years ago, the Earth was much warmer than it is today. The Bible records the fact that the Red Sea canal was connected all the way to the Mediterranean Sea during the time of the Exodus, telling us that sea levels were much higher in 1470 B.C. than they are today. Science also ignored the fact that the Vikings named their newly discovered island in the north Atlantic, "Greenland," because it was green when they arrived there 1000 years ago. Scientists chose to ignore the evidence proving that Global Warming has occurred many times in the past. In the quatrains below Nostradamus warns us about the future heat, drought, and famines that will result from Climate Change. For those who want to check out the Old French word meanings, a link to an Old French dictionary has also been included.



   Because of the (effects of) hot sun on the water,

   Pour la chaleur solaire sus la mer,

   At Negroponte the fish are half-baked;

   De Negrepont les poissons demis cuits;

   The inhabitants will start to slice them up,

   Les habitans les viendront entamer,

   When those of Rhodes and Genoa shall need food.

   Quand Rhod & Gennes leur faudra le biscuit.




   Quatrain #2-3: Nostradamus actually names Negroponte Evia, Greece, the exact area where forest fires burned out of control because of a drought produced by record high temperatures in the northern hemisphere. Dead fish lie on the banks of most bodies of water, as the heated water cannot support sufficient oxygen levels. In Italy and Greece the effects of Global Warming are plainly visible as the river Po is nearly dry, and water for the irrigation of crops is becoming scarce, threatening the food supply in the Mediterranean region. The dead fish may be needed to feed the many hungry people living in these areas.




   At 48 degrees latitude,

   A quarante huite degre climaterique,

   At the end of Cancer (July) such great drought;

   A fin de Cancer si grande seicheresse;

   Fish in sea, river, lake, baking in the heat,

   Poisson en mer, fleuve, lac, cuit hectique,

   Bearn, Bigorre, are distressed by blazing skies.

   Bearn, Bigorre, par feu ciel en destresse.




   Quatrain #5-98: In this quatrain Nostradamus warns us of an approaching worldwide period of record temperatures and drought. Here he witnesses the cities of Bearn and Bigorre in the high Pyrenees mountains of southwestern France in the 3rd week of July, at the end of Cancer, suffering from 90 degree temperatures, but warns that the problem is worldwide and includes cities as far north as the 48th latitude such as Paris and Seattle. All over the northern hemisphere the world experiences record high temperatures and severe drought. Millions of dead fish cover ocean beaches, lakes, and rivers, as the higher water temperatures cause oxygen levels to plummet. Hundreds of tons of dead fish must be removed from many ocean beaches to accomodate tourist traffic.


   In 1555 Nostradamus was living at the height of the last period of Global Warming and he tried to warn us that another period of Global Warming would come again in the future. Earth's 120,000-year "Ice Ages" each contain 10 lesser 12,000-year Glaciation Ages that in turn each contain 10 lesser 1200-year Mini Ice Ages. The climate cycle we're currently experiencing began in 1000 A.D. and will end in 2200 A.D. In the middle of this cycle we witnessed a Mini Ice Age in 1600 A.D. that covered Greenland and Antarctica with with a heavy layer of ice and snow, and drastically lowered global sea levels. God always warns His followers through the Hebrew prophets before these events occur but most people no longer heed the word of God or the warnings of His prophets. Modern man will therefore be woefully unprepared for the worldwide DROUGHT, FAMINE, and DISEASE that will accompany the end to this current Climate cycle.

   The founders of our nation believed that God controlled the weather. Modern science however now dictates that weather is merely a natural phenomenon, not connected to any chastisements from God. Nostradamus intended his quatrains to serve as warnings about coming events. Global Warming is only now becoming recognized as a major disaster for all mankind. All over the world we witness our rivers, lakes, and wells going dry, and untilled farmland turning to dust. A lack of greenery will also contribute to flash flooding in some places as dust storms and wildfires rage out of control in other areas. Dangerous algae growth spurred on by warming water will kill marine life, and lost weight from polar ice melt will alter the shape of our planet, and shorten the length of a day. Is it possible that the 1973 movie "Soylent Green," warning about a coming economic and climate disaster in the year 2022, is now really happening?

   If you want to be prepared for the future, you will also need to consult the Hebrew prophets. To know more about the true cause of Climate Change, instead of all the lies you are being fed by the media, simply click on the secure link below and order your copy of Edward Oliver's revealing book, "Eye of Providence."






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