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Michel de Nostredame's
Global Warming Prophecies

Why is it called Greenland?

It's a natural cycle.


  Hebrew prophets arrive every 500 years to warn us about future events, and the most recent prophet was Michel de Nostredame, also known as Nostradamus, who was sent to warn about events that would occur during the time period from 1555 to 2055. He recorded more than 1000 quatrains (4-line poems) that warned about future events. He experienced a period of Global Warming in his time that was abruptly ended by the "Little Ice Age" of 1600 A.D. but warned that another period of Global Warming would come again in the future producing extreme heat, drought, famine, and fish kills due to sweltering summer temperatures. In the quatrains below Michel de Nostredame warns about our modern day period of Global Warming. Links to an Old French dictionary are also included if you want to check the Old French word meanings.



   Because of the (effects of) hot sun on the water,

   Pour la chaleur solaire sus la mer,

   At Negroponte the fish are half-baked;

   De Negrepont les poissons demis cuits;

   The inhabitants will begin to slice them up,

   Les habitans les viendront entamer,

   When those of Rhodes and Genoa shall need food.

   Quand Rhod & Gennes leur faudra le biscuit.




   Quatrain #2-3: Michel de Nostredame actually names Negroponte Evia, Greece, the exact place where forest fires burned out of control because of an extreme drought caused by record high temperatures in Earth's northern hemisphere. Tons of dead fish litter the shores of most bodies of water, as the heated water cannot support high enough oxygen levels to keep them alive. In Greece the effects of Global Warming can be plainly seen as rivers are nearly dry, the canals of Venice can't be navigated, and the water needed for irrigating crops is growing scarce, threatening the food supply in the Mediterranean region. The dead fish may be needed to help feed the hungry people living in these areas.




   The plain of Ausonne, wide and fertile,

   Planure Ausonne, fertile, spacieuse,

   Will produce horseflies as big as grasshoppers;

   Produira taons si tant de sauterelles;

   The bright sun will become obscured by the flies,

   Clarte solaire deviendra nubileuse,

   Everything eaten, a great pestilence coming upon them.

   Ronger le tout, grand peste venir delles.




   Quatrain #4-48: Nostradamus warns the people of Southwestern France about a coming period of changing weather conditions that will produce a great plague of flies. They'll be so numerous that swarms of them will actually obscure the sun as they fly overhead. They will feast on crops and bite people, causing sores on the skin and spreading a great pestilence over the land.




   At 48 degrees latitude,

   A quarante huite degre climaterique,

   At the end of Cancer (July 22) such great drought;

   A fin de Cancer si grande seicheresse;

   Fish in sea, river, lake, baking in the heat,

   Poisson en mer, fleuve, lac, cuit hectique,

   Bearn, Bigorre, are distressed by blazing skies.

   Bearn, Bigorre, par feu ciel en destresse.




   Quatrain #5-98: In this quatrain Michel de Nostredame warns us of an approaching period of record temperatures and drought. He witnesses the cities of Bearn and Bigorre in the high Pyrenees mountains of southwestern France, in the third week of July at the end of Cancer, suffering from 90 degree temperatures, but warns us that the problem is worldwide and also includes cities as far north as the 48th latitude such as Paris and Seattle. All over the northern hemisphere record high temperatures and severe drought are being experienced. Millions of dead fish cover the shores of rivers, lakes, and oceans as the high water temperatures cause oxygen levels to plummet, and encourage the growth of algae. Hundreds of tons of dead fish must be removed from many beaches to accomodate tourist traffic.


   Common sense should cause us to ask why when the Vikings discovered an island in the north Atlantic in 1000 A.D. they decided to name it "Greenland," when it has been a "whiteland" of glaciers for the last 400 years. The answer to this question will be a big surprise. It turns out that from 1000 A.D. to 1500 A.D. the world was in a period of severe Global Warming. Earth's polar ice caps were melting, and the oceans around the world were rapidly rising. Then, around 1600 A.D., a Little Ice Age brought that period of Global Warming to a screeching halt.

   Geological history records three types of "Ice Ages," and they occur on a regular schedule. The largest Ice Ages occur on a 120,000 year schedule, and each Ice Age contains 10 smaller 12,000-year Interglaciation Ages. These Interglaciation Ages in turn each contain 10 lesser 1200-year Little Ice Ages. The temperature cycle we are now experiencing began with the last Little Ice Age around the year 1600 A.D. that restored Earth's polar ice caps, lowered sea levels, and covered a once ice-free Antarctica with a layer of snow and ice over a mile deep, effectively removing it from history.

   In 1555 the Hebrew prophet Nostradamus was experiencing the height of the last cycle of Global Warming, and he warned us that another warming cycle would come once again in the future. Earth's temperature cycles follow a regular 1200-year schedule. This current cycle of warming began with the "Little Ice Age" of 1600, and we are now entering the warming portion of that cycle. Over the next few centuries we will witness sea levels rising by as much as 10 or 20 feet above present levels before the arrival of next Little Ice Age in the year 2800 A.D.

   As global temperatures continue to increase we will witness our oceans rising, and our rivers, lakes, and wells going dry. There will be flash floods in many places caused by a lack of greenery, and raging wildfires in other areas. Algae growth will create toxins and kill marine life, and lost weight from ice melting at the poles will actually alter the shape of our planet and increase its rotational speed, thereby shortening the length of an Earth day. Ice core samplings from our planet's poles have clearly shown that carbon dioxide levels during the warmth of the Jurassic Period were more than 4 times higher than carbon levels today, providing more evidence that modern sources of carbon emissions are not the true cause of Global Warming.

   That's right, you've been deceived. And the people who deceived you are profiting from the lies they told you. If you'd like to learn the truth, you'll have to seek it out through the records of the Bible and history. Matthew said that Jesus stopped the ocean storm (Matt. 8:26), and so we know that it is "Father" God, and not "Mother" nature, who controls our weather. If you'd like to know more about how we now know Climate Change is a merely a natural cycle, simply click one of the secure book links on this webpage to order your book by Edward Oliver.





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