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Nostradamus and
Prince William

    Did Nostradamus mention anything about England's Prince William and the royal family? Although Nostradamus prophecies usually center on the throne of France, events on the British throne can also closely tie to events in France. In the quatrain below, Nostradamus seems to be tuning in on the unusual situation in Britain as the Queen grows older and the question of the proper heir to the British throne is a subject of great public interest.



   An English prince, his passion set on flying,

   Un prince Anglais, Mars a son coeur de ciel,

   Will wish to pursue his good fortune;

   Voudra poursuivre la fortune prospere;

   Of his two rivals, one will pierce him with hatred,

   De deux duelles, l'un percera le feil,

   Disliked by them, but much loved by the mother.

   Hay de luy, bien aime de sa mere.


   Britain's Prince William, his younger brother Harry, and their father, Prince Charles, have always lived a strained relationship that the prophet Nostradamus may be trying to describe here. The Queen mother however, seems to have formed her own opinion on the individual abilities of her progeny to serve the people of England. The Queen holds deep respect for the abilities of Prince William who has his heart set on becoming a pilot in the British air force. She made those feelings clear when she granted Prince William an expanded role in overseeing certain aspects of the British government.


   As the Queen of England ages, the question of who will succeed her on the British throne becomes a matter of great importance. Many personal issues have surrounded Prince Charles who is presently the first heir to the throne. The matters of the Prince's history with Princess Diana, and his marriage to a divorcee who had a spouse still living when she married the prince, are still major issues. This situation brings up memories of the constitutional crisis that developed in 1936, when King Edward VIII decided to wed an American divorcee, Wallis Simpson, who actually had two previous spouses still living. As nominal head of the Church of England, Edward was expected to hold high moral and ethical standards befitting a king of England. The King decided to abdicate the British throne in favor of his younger brother Albert.

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