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Nostradamus and
the New York Attacks

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   It now appears that Nostradamus actually did warn us about the attacks on New York City. In 1981 author Erika Cheetham published her famous Nostradamus book, "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow," and if you check in the index of Ms. Cheetham's book under the heading "New York City" you'll find the following predictions about future attacks on New York:


  1. An attack on New York City that appears to involve a "bombing."

  2. An attack on New York City that could involve its "towers or skyscrapers."


   A "bombing" of the World Trade Center basement parking garage did occur in 1993, and an attack on New York's "towers or skyscrapers" occurred on 9/11/2001. Our national security agencies didn't pay any attention to these Nostradamus warnings since the great prophet had been thoroughly discredited by dozens of fake quatrains published by liberal academics seeking to profit from the sale of their books.

   Nostradamus however was indeed the first person to warn us about the infamous 9/11 terrorist attack on New York City. The Nostradamus quatrain below does in fact tell us that hijacked "air vessels" will be turned-round to a new course and crashed into two "rock monoliths" in New York City. A link has also been included to an Old French dictionary in case you want to check out the Old French word meanings.


       NOSTRADAMUS QUATRAIN #1-87 (correct translation)

Enormous-promontories on fire in the center of the mainland,

Enno-sigee feu du centre de terre,

Will cause trembling in the towers of the City of New York;

Fera trembler au tour de Cite Neufve;

Two great rock-monoliths continuously will be attacked,

Deux grands rochiers longtemps feront la guerre,

This is when air-vessels will turn-round to a new course.

Puis arethuse rougira nouveau fleuve.




   Quatrain #1-87: In 1981 Nostradamus author Erika Cheetham stated in her now famous book, The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, that Quatrain #1-87 described an "Attack on New York" involving its "towers or skyscrapers," but no one listened to the warning because Nostradamus had been so discredited over the years by hundreds of fake quatrains published by liberal academics anxious to sell their books and videos. Their irresponsible actions resulted in Nostradamus' warnings being labelled as fantasy. But the reality is that on 9/11/2001 two hijacked "air-vessels" did in fact "turn-round to a new course" and crash into "two great rock-monoliths" in the "City of New York" just as described by the prophet Nostradamus in this now famous quatrain. Immediately after the 9/11 attack a liberal academic source from Canada posted one more fake Nostradamus quatrain on the Internet in another last ditch effort to discredit Nostradamus.

   God always warns us before seeking His vengeance upon us. There were in fact warnings given in advance of the attacks on New York City, but unfortunately history repeated itself, and as was the case in the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, all the warnings were ignored. Unfortunately no one believes in prophecy anymore because science says that it is impossible for man to see the future. But the Christians who founded our nation believed that the Jewish prophets who wrote the Bible were indeed able to accurately foretell events of the future.

   So could it be that Nostradamus is actually a modern Jewish prophet? If you would like to know more about all the warnings that were ignored prior to the attacks on New York City, and also explore warnings about your future, just click on the secure link below and order a copy of Edward Oliver's book, "Eye of Providence."







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