Presidents Fate Predicted by Astrology

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Fate of Presidents
was Predicted?

Proof that the future can be foretold?


   How did the famous astrologer Jeane Dixon accurately predict the JFK assassination over seven years before it occurred? And can the death of U.S. presidents be accurately predicted by astrology? The infamous "Cycle of the Presidents" prophecy has been determining the fate of governments for thousands of years. It first made its appearance in America in 1956 when the astrologer Jeane Dixon used it to predict that the president elected in 1960 would be "assassinated or die in office." Jeane's famous prediction appeared in the May 13th, 1956 Sunday edition of Parade Magazine.

   This strange prophecy is one of the most unusual prophecies in all of American history. In 1963 a special investigation conducted by the Warren Comission to uncover the facts behind the JFK assassination uncovered a mysterious series of 20-year presidential deaths that preceeded JFK's 1960 election to the White House. It suddenly appeared that this unusual election cycle had been operating since the 1840 presidential election. Please review the following facts:

In 1840 William Harrison was elected President & he died in office.

20 years later,

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected President & he died in office.

20 years later,

In 1880, James Garfield was elected President & he died in office.

20 years later,

In 1900, William McKinley was elected President & he died in office.

20 years later,

In 1920, Warren Harding was elected President & he died in office.

20 years later,

In 1940, Franklin Roosevelt was elected President & he died in office.

   Are you beginning to notice a pattern here? U.S. historians also noticed this strange 20-year pattern of destiny that seemed to be haunting the fate of America's presidents. It was therefore with great interest that they witnessed the election of JFK in 1960. Historians noted that President Kennedy seemed much too young to die of natural causes, and so it was feared he might fall victim to an assassination. In the 1960s most astrologers attributed these deaths to the 20-year Jupiter/Saturn conjunction cycle that had controlled the fate of governments since the time of the ancient Greeks.

   Most people however didn't know that this 20-year repeating Jupiter/Saturn conjunction cycle was overlain by a larger 480-year astrological cycle known as the "Cycle of the Elements." This larger repeating cycle involves the four elements FIRE, EARTH, AIR, and WATER, with each element holding control for 120 years. The element EARTH governed the 120-year period from 1840 to 1960 and the EARTH substance lead (i.e. lead bullets, arsenic of white lead pigment mixed in their food) influenced the fate of presidents from Harrison to Kennedy.

   The three previous 20-year elections of 1780, 1800 and 1820 were governed by the element "FIRE," so all three of these Chief Executives were destined to meet their fate on America's FIRE holiday, July 4th, the uniquely American holiday (still celebrated with FIREcrackers, FIREworks, and bonFIRES). Although there was no 1780 national election of a president, John Adams was elected by his peers as the chief executive to arrange for financing, French naval support, and negotiation of a peace agreement with England. Adams was chief signatory of the "Treaty of Paris" peace agreement that ended the war.

   After the FIRE and EARTH element cycles ended, the element AIR took over. The element AIR will control the 20-year Jupiter/Saturn election cycle from 1980 to 2100. The 1980 presidential election was won by President Ronald Reagan who died of "pneumonia" in 2004 (the inability to breathe AIR). The element AIR will continue to control the fate of presidents elected on the 20-year election cycle until 2120, when WATER will then take over. Please see the chart below:


1780     Adams              FIRE        July 4th
1800     Jefferson          FIRE        July 4th
1820     Monroe             FIRE        July 4th
1840     Harrison          EARTH        lead
1860     Lincoln            EARTH        lead
1880     Garfield           EARTH        lead
1900     McKinley         EARTH        lead
1920     Harding           EARTH        lead
1940     Roosevelt        EARTH        lead
1960     Kennedy          EARTH        lead
1980     Reagan              AIR           pneu.
2000                                AIR            ???

   This strange astrological "Cycle of the Presidents" prophecy, also known as the "Great Chronocrator," that astrologer Jeane Dixon used to predict the JFK assassination over seven years before it happened (Parade Magazine May 13th, 1956 edition) apparently may still be accurately predicting the fate of U.S. presidents today, and well into the future. During the 1950s and 60s most people believed the great timeclock of the heavens controlled their destiny. Scientists and religious leaders however, refused to believe in this ancient science that came out of the city of Babylon. We should note however that the Bible head of all the magicians, astrologers, sorcerers, and Chaldeans of Babylon was none other than the Bible prophet Daniel (KJV Daniel 2:2-48).

   The astrology of the 1950s and 60s has now been long forgotten, but may still be controlling the fate of our presidents today. If you'd like to know more about this haunting prophecy that may still be operating in modern times, click on the secure link below to order your copy of Edward Oliver's revealing book, "Prophets and Frauds."






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